Lonely Planet Shanghai Updates (May 2010)

Opening Night at the Expo

The World Expo officially kicked off on May 1st, and with its opening comes even more changes to the city that can’t sit still. In addition to the official website, you can also check out a few other sites. For an interactive map that includes a pavilion browser, go to http://expo.shanghaidaily.com. The blog Shanghai Expo Insights has regular updates, pictures and videos and is easy to navigate.

Bund Origin Area More of the Bund has reemerged from renovation – the latest area to be unveiled is what is being referred to as the “Bund Origin Area,” at the confluence of Suzhou Creek and Huangpu River. Yuanming Rd, one street back from the Bund, has been pedestrianized. The notable building here is the former British Consulate (the first colonial building built on the Bund), though it is not currently open to the public.

Metro Pass A new 24hr metro pass is now available (Y18), offering unlimited travel on all the city’s metro lines except Line 13 (the Expo line). It is for sale at all stations.

Suzhou Creek Boat Tours (p103) These tours, running from the Danba Road Dock (on West Guangfu Road), have just opened to the public, with so-so reviews. According to the Shanghai Daily: “The cruise service will make two round trips every day between 9am and 4pm, with evening trips planned for the summer. One-way trips cost 50 yuan; round trips, 80 yuan.”

Transport Finally, the long-awaited Metro Line 10 is open! What’s so special about Line 10? It runs everywhere you want to go, from Hongkou to the Bund, through the Old Town and on to the French Concession.

And what about the Peace Hotel? Nope, still not fully open – though they did enter the soft opening stage (private viewings only) on April 28. They’re beginning to take reservations for June.

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