China Explorer: A Travel Guide

Preparing a trip to China is no easy feat. The country is roughly the same size as the United States, and, for many of us, it is a much less familiar place. It stretches from the Himalayas to sprawling coastal cities, from the Gobi Desert to subtropical jungle. Where do you begin?

Trying to research possible destinations on your own can take days, if not weeks, and faced with such a daunting task, it’s tempting to simply connect the dots of the three or four places you already knew about ahead of time. If you see Beijing, the Terracotta Army and Shanghai, you can’t go wrong – right?

Well, you can do this and many people come away from such a trip satisfied. But it’s worth remembering that China is a land with an incredible amount of geographic and cultural diversity – you can still see the highlights of the country and plan a trip that caters to your specific interests.

And that’s where this app comes in. Its design allows for a quick overview of possible itineraries, using over 1,000 photographs and a few short, scene-setting videos. Not even the glossiest, photo-heavy book can match the image selection included here. Whether you want to focus on art, history, outdoor adventure, or family-friendly travel, all you need to do is select your category and let it inspire you.

For China Explorer in iTunes, click here.
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