Elevator Music

If there is a passage
that leads to the stars
then to open the door
music is the key.

A pulsing breath
spinning warm gold
out of the cold and cruel air
we breathe.

Imagine if your lifetime
of trips and falls,
stabs and punches,
hard corners, loneliness,
sorrow and injustices
were to melt away.

If the walls inside crumbled
and slowly the old pains
forgotten and imprisoned
began to flow.

A few drops at first
forming in the corners
of the eyes.
The trickle builds
into a crescendo
and then release –
the weight of all those injuries
fossilized over time
leaving the body
hot on the cheeks.

Finally, you are ready
to let down your guard.
Ready to enter the current
to open your mouth
and sing.

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